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Seeds--French wildflower

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Average soils--showy cranesbill Average soils--Meadow cranesbill

It's hard to believe that this showy perennial is a wildflower, but that's just what it is in the meadows of central France. Meadow cranesbill (Geranium pratensis) has 1-2 inch, intense violet blue flowers in late spring and early summer. It grows about 30 inches tall, high enough to show its head among meadow grasses and other competition. Absolutely stunning in combination with red poppies and dyer's anthemis.

Plant meadow cranesbill in reasonably drained soil in full sun or light shade, from spring through early fall.

I've searched for a year to find the right source of French native wildflower seeds to offer you. Here they are! Certified organically grown, these seeds are produced on a family flower farm in the Massif Central. One hundred percent of the process is artisanal, right down to the seed packets which are decorated with drawings of the content plants by the owner.

Size: 1.5 g (about 200 seeds)

Ships: Immediately

Origin: France


Price: $7.62

Quantity ordered: buy it

Average soils--showy cranesbillAverage soils--Meadow cranesbill

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